We started with the intent of shooting bunny promos.  But what ended up happening was gorgeous dresses and beautiful furniture, turning into a portrait painting images, instead of Bunny Promos.  As we gear up for our easter mini sessions April 12,13 and 14 of 2019 ... I promise to get you some bunny images to see!  You can book your session now with a $50 deposit.  Email me at southernexposurefotos@gmail.com for a link!!

November 16, 2018

We had reindeer kisses at the miracle lane tree farm this year.  Don't miss your chance next year.  Email me to find out how to book!

October 23, 2017

The first set of sessions at the Miracle Lane Pumpkin Patch were a success!  Over 200 pumpkins, over head out door lights, hay bales and a John Deer Pedal Tractor with Wagon brought it all home to the perfect set up for pumpkin patch or Fall holiday pictures.  Bring your little spooks this Friday for a session or on Halloween!

October 27th Mini Sessions available from 5PM to 8PM!!

 Miracle Lane Mini Sessions 10/27/2017 15 Minutes 3 Images $99 ... Click Below to Schedule

Miracle Lane Mini Session 10/27/2017 20 Minutes 5 Images $150.00 ... Click Below to Schedule 

Miracle Lane Mini Sessions 10/27/2017 30 Minutes 10 Images $200.00 ... Click Below to Schedule


August 25, 2017

Its been a long time since i took over 150 portraits in a row and had to process all of them.  Wowee!!!  What a job but you know what?  It was a blast being set up at the FD training center in Carrollton with Engines coming and going and a bunch of fire fighters messing with each other about uniforms and hair and if they are going to smile for their wives or not.  An email with a password will be sent to your firefighter to order prints of his/her picture.  I am arranging for a Christmas Mini Session for CFD the weekend of October 8 at 7s with multiple backgrounds the christmas car and the vintage engine with lit up christmas tree and all!!  Contact me for further details to secure your time slot.

August 25, 2017

There is not much snow in Texas but when there is we take the furniture outside in it and do an impromtu mini session.  When there is no snow we make it however we can.  Many things can be done in photoshop least of all change out a face.  See here some of the things I can do with photoshop.

August 24, 2017

After shooting the yearbook headshots for the Carrollton Fire Department I was asked if I do family pictures and the answer is YES! I do.  Over the years I have done loads of family pictures for clients and mostly Christmas Pictures which I love to stage.  That being said I decided it would be fun to do a Christmas Mini Session exclusively for CFD at Station #7 with multiple prop sets.  Click HERE to schedule your session on October 7th, 8th or 9th for just $45

August 20, 2017

Well really in August ... I got out the baby powder put on the plaid and had my friend paint the little Christmas car.  This poor kid wearing long sleeves in over 100 degrees.  The good news...he is super super cute he got right in that car and started honking the horn so we only had to be outside for like 3 minutes.  It took my camera longer to acclimate than it took to get this fantastic picture.  Hello Christmas Card!

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